Our Story

Salt Creek Farmhouse started as many small businesses do, with a need, and a little motivation. The year was 2010, and we were young, married, and had just welcomed our first baby girl.  Late one night as I sat with an unsleepy baby, I browsed the local rural real estate listings in our area, hoping that the perfect little acreage with the perfect little farmhouse with minor work required and a small price tag would pop up in the list.  Unfortunately, there were no such listings that night, as well as countless nights before it. Then, there was the Little Salt property... It was a bad picture to say the very least, but as the description stated, it had 10 acres, a small house, and was only 5 miles outside of our small town. We packed up the now sleeping baby, and drove off into the night to see if we could get a feel for the place.  We were in love. After a call the next morning to our local real estate office we learned the house was uninhabitable, the land was riddled with trash and old outbuildings to tear down, and it was a foreclosure, so a bidding war was likely. Long story short, we gathered all our savings, emptied all our piggy banks, and put in our best offer. And the rest, they say, is history.

Four years of trash removal, scrap metal salvage, ground leveling, and further saving later, we finally had a clean piece of land to build on. One year and one more baby girl later, we moved into our dream farmhouse. And so comes the story of how the business side of Salt Creek Farmhouse, came to be....

We were in! Our dream house was completed, and we were on cloud nine, but there was one obvious issue...we had no furniture or decor to fill this dream house of ours. After the sweet baby girls were in bed, we would spend our evenings looking online for the perfect pieces of farmhouse style furniture to fill our home, but sadly, one thing became quite apparent as time went on...we couldn't afford any of the pieces we loved, and if spending 5 years working our fingers to the bone to build our own dream home had taught us anything, it was that we weren't going to settle on something that wasn't well made, or that we weren't really in love with, just to save a buck, so, we started building our pieces. 

First, it was a few salvaged antiques that needed paint jobs, then a simple rustic wall sign or two. After 6 months we had a few benches, and then a coffee table, an upholstered headboard, and countless other wooden pieces. Today our entire home is filled with pieces designed by us, and we love every single one of them.

So now you know our story. Young couple, big dreams, long waits, rewarding endings, and somewhere in the midst, a new business was born to share it all with you.

At Salt Creek Farmhouse, we want what everyone wants when furnishing a home: well-made, beautiful, and functional. All of our SCF items, from decor to furniture are made by either ourselves or one of our builders from our small team of carpenters right here on our farm in Eastern Nebraska. In addition to the products we make, we have also carefully selected several wholesalers who share our in vision and overall design style to help round out our inventory. From lighting, to floral, vases, metal signage, seasonal items, baskets and more, all items whether made by us or our partners, are built and stored in our workshop, on our land, which was completed in 2016.

The workshop was another labor of love that was built to match perfectly with our Farmhouse in an old fashioned carriage house style. In this workshop is where all the SCF items are built and shipped out of daily. Just like us, our carpenters are real people with real families and they appreciate the hard work that goes into this business. We work all day, as well as evenings and weekends if the free time to finish up a project presents itself, all the while never sacrificing time with our families. 

Salt Creek Farmhouse, as I'm sure you've gathered by now, is a small business, with a small team of carpenters. We work in the order that items are purchased by our customers, and in all honesty, our wait times are long. We ask that when purchasing from us, that you are aware that there will be a lengthy wait, sometimes up to 4 months for an order. We have been blessed with a successful business that continues to surprise us daily, so if you do decide to order from us, first off, we thank you greatly, and second, please be patient with our process. We work hard, but real products made by hand by real people take time. It will be worth the wait.

Thank you, 

Salt Creek Farmhouse